Rockin' Baby Sling Review by Erron & Isaiah

Meet our guest mommy blogger Erron and her little man, Isaiah. I want to thank this mommy and son duo for participating in this awesome review of Rockin’ Baby Sling’s product and for giving us their honest opinion.

Isaiah is 11 weeks old and a complete joy to his parents, Erron & Michael! He loves giving his mommy and daddy big, big smiles. He enjoys cooing, staring contemplatively at bright lights, sucking on his new found fingers, and being held as much as possible. was kind enough to send us Rockin’ Baby’s ”Be Good” Sling to try out and review. From the moment I had the box in my hands, I was really impressed with the product – I really appreciate baby items made by moms for moms – And I love that the Rockin’ Baby slings are made here locally in Los Angeles. With so many safety concerns regarding baby products manufactured overseas, I am always overjoyed to buy locally made baby products! The Rockin’ Baby Sling a “2-mom shop” is environmentally conscious, even using vegetable oil based inks on their packaging, and also giving a percentage of profits to charity. I think it’s so important to be a “conscious consumer”, and this is the type of company it feels good to support with your business. I think it’s great what these moms are doing.  Even the box my baby sling came in was a delight to read – complete with reasons to wear your baby. (I had no idea that baby wearing could reduce colic and spit up!)

Although I previously worked in the fashion industry, now that I’m a first time mommy, looking stylish is usually the last thing on my mind. It’s a fashionable day for me if I leave the house in a shirt void of spit up stains (which may have happened only twice in the past 11 weeks!).  So when I opened my Rockin’ Baby Sling, I was instantly struck by such a beautiful, stylish baby accessory. The fabric was gorgeous; the pattern exquisite and the quality of craftsmanship was excellent.  I have not seen a sling like this on the market, and I thought this would be the perfect baby shower gift for my fashionista girlfriends! The sling also has 2 large Velcro pockets on the sling tail, a bonus that it’s not only beautiful, but also practical. It came with an instruction manual describing several carrying positions the sling can provide, as your child grows – making it good for newborns as well as toddlers. I love the versatility.

I was 100 % convinced that I would love everything about my sling, and I couldn’t wait to get it on and carry my little one around – I thought for once, he gets a fashionable mommy!

I could not get my sling set up correctly right out of the box. I gave the sling over to my husband, who is the “great assembler” of baby gear in our household. After he gave it a go, the sling looked like it did in the pictures. We also went to the Rockin’ Baby’s website. Online they had posted several YouTube videos showing how to properly tie the sling. The videos were an excellent help, and after watching and pausing several times over, we did get a properly tied sling!

When we put Isaiah in the Rockin’ Baby sling, he seemed instantly comfortable and happy. Now that my son was secure and snug in the pouch, I was equally a happy camper. To be safe, I would recommend having help loading and unloading your baby until you’re fully comfortable with the product.

The Rockin Baby Sling is a beautiful, stylish baby sling that is really well made and unique.  Since my baby loves to be carried all the time, the sling is a great alternative for being able to have my son close, and yet still have hands free.  I’m also excited to try some of the other carrying positions as Isaiah grows. I will definitely look to YouTube first before I try to assemble the sling in a different position.

If I was to purchase a Rockin Baby item for a girlfriend or myself in the future, I will try their “Pouches” next. They come in the same beautiful fabrics, and require no assembly. You just put them on like an over the shoulder bag and your baby rides in the pouch. While less versatile than the Sling, the simplicity of the Rockin’ Baby Pouch would also be a more convenient, practical choice for me, with the added bonus of being stylish also!

thatsITmommy would like to thank Erron, Micheal and Baby Isaiah for helping us review this great product. Izzy and Teagan give their “THATSIT” seal of approval.

We did not receive compensation/payment in any form for this giveaway.

We did receive a sling from Rockin’ Baby Sling  for review purposes. This will in no way sway our opinion of the company. The review is in our own words and is our opinion. Your results and opinions may differ.

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    January 25, 2010

    Erron, Isaiah & Michael – I want to thank you for doing this great review for Very well written and congratulations on baby Isaiah.


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    February 4, 2010

    great review – i’ll be sure to let my mommy friends know about this sling.
    btw – isaiah is such a cute baby!!


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